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An associate of our have an awesome concept for a children show. A wonderful show where they learn about music in very interesting ways from very interesting people. I can’t go into more detail unfortunately however, this is a concept of the performers. Cute aren’t they?

Making the Band



The blueprint to success does start with the floor plan

A friend of the of the Apprentusz Artz regime needed a concept layout designed for a massage business she is starting. Who better to approach about concept?!! Particularly when our perspective on it is, oh so OPEN=) Don’t worry you will get the picture(s)

Aartz, message, Palms

enhanced design

Mother Earth

Earth is filled with life provided by a woman. The¬†Earth is filled with life from the woman who is mother. The life is in the the woman who populates the earth. That’s why mother Earth is her name. What is she holding?

That depends on your perception.

“Appreciate Perspective”


A Value many lack for others yet desire for themselves. A value that is worth more than gold (at least to me) but cost less than nothing. A level of honor or even an inanimate delicacy for the living to Рif nothing else, socially earn and give one another. A concept that is often believed in practiced in words alone. It is an Attribute often mistaken for polite and cordial acts of kindness. True respect is felt not simply spoken. It is demonstrated even when its value appears to be worth less then the effort put forth to give it. It is warm, not cold and it is remembered not forgotten. True acts of respect are not always demonstrated by ones treatment to you, but your interpretation of their treatment to others.

That was a nice day in Philadelphia.

Now I am aware of the often negative attention Philly can often get from the media but I think its good side is often downplayed. It is pretty fun and seems to be a world of its own. Plus they got goodburger. Yes home of the good burger (that is their slogan) which actually is pretty good. There college scene isn’t to bad either and no matter how much their Eagles may be attracted by other football team fans, Philly makes sure you mind your mouth about it around them. It is a city environment with a surprisingly suburban complex all through it. Great diners and some of the best music artist of our time are natives of it. No matter what They say I have great memories of it. I got nothing but Love for it and many of the people in it, who do not make it to the news unfortunately. Besides where else are you going to go to stay in line for an hour and a half(and this is in January) to get a cheese steak? Like I said, I got nothing but love for Philly.

Hater Stan: If anyone asked why would someone create something like this now.
What is “this” I speak of? An independent print and media liberal communication umbrella for other independent companies. (Apprentusz Artz)

Productive Stan: Why not and what time does my hater ass counterpart of my brain is talking about?

Hater Stan: A financial recession. Where big time accountants are asking paper or plastic. You had a dream that this would be easy and it started like that but quickly changed right?

Productive Stan: Something like that except I realized that aside from the financial problem there is indeed a very good reason to create a company such as A.artz.

Hater Stan: What would that be? You should be saving all the money you can right now in case things get worst like everyone else. What could this reason be?

Productive Stan: The financial problem. The most interesting thing about not having money is, most people are forced to make due with what and who they have. Innovate is key at a time like this. People do not go out as much spending they stay home on there computers like you the viewer is now. Apprentusz artz communicate through voice and Net. as a specialty putting like minds and creative artists together to create interesting and innovative work.

Hater Stan: Ohhhh Spoken like a artist. Mothafucka please!

Productive Stan: Well why are you are on here Hater Stan? What happen to them club nights at the goodshot bar in Newark Delaware?

Hater Stan: ……………….It got old.

Productive Stan: Clubs are tools of A.Artz not pimps of it. We get artists what and who they need when they need and we are becoming very good at it. Then we make our own creative projects. I believe this could be one of the bests times to be with A.Artz.

Hater Stan: Well where is the money at Mr. Business maker exec blah blah bullshit….

Productive Stan: …..I don’t have any.

Hater Stan: Because you are broke ya company is bullshit and is already at its end!

Productive Stan: LoL…Aartz, Viral House and Egad are fine. Shades of View will be fine too and you know why?

Hater Stan: Because you and your friends live in a dream world?

Productive Stan: No because finances are in a recession but people are not. Ideas are not and low budget innovation is not. The Privileged are in a Recession but the avaerage to poor are living just another day. I hate to break it to ya but yes I am in a financial recession like everyone else but anthing under Apprentusz Artz ideal and management is not. Problems in our world are not slowing down by a recession so neither should the solution

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